Founder and Chairman of the McDan Group, Daniel McKorley adjudged Greatest Entrepreneur of All Time Award

The Founder and Chairman of the McDan Group, Dr. Daniel McKorley, has been adjudged the Greatest Entrepreneur of All Time Award at the 14th edition of the Ghana Entrepreneur and Corporate Executive Awards.

The award was in recognition of his visionary and innovative leadership work in the establishment of McDan Group, a Ghanaian conglomerate that delivers a broad spectrum of services in shipping and logistics, oil and gas, aviation construction, salt mining, agribusiness, agro-processing and private security services on Ghana with global offices in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, China, UK, and the USA.


The event which was held in Accra on Saturday, March 16 was on the theme:

“Promoting Digital Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Sustainable Digital Economic Development”.

It was organized by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana to celebrate and honor successful entrepreneurs, business executives, and public service chief executives who have had a significant and positive impact on the economy, sustained business performance and demonstrated outstanding leadership and significant business success in their respective fields over the past years. About 36 individuals were honored during the night.


Dr McKorley after receiving the award commended the organisers for recognising his effort and also expressed his appreciation for the recognition he received for his work.

He said the award might be in his name but the true winners were all the dedicated employees who worked day in and day out to make the company one of the most recognisable brands in Africa.

He said the McDan team always aimed to work as a family and had a united focus on business goals, which enabled them to work with higher expectations.

“Our collective team efforts have resulted in this incredible result, and it is a great achievement for each team member,” Dr McKorley said.

McDan wins CISCM Man of the Year 2023 award

The Group Chairman of McDan Group of Companies, Dr. Daniel Mckorley, has received the Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management (CISCM) Man of the Year 2023 Award.

The award was conferred on him for winning two prestigious awards at the CISCM Recognition and Dinner Night held on January 13, 2024.

CISCM has recognized the McDan Group as the Best Organization for Projects and the Best Organization for International Trade.

The McDan Group was acknowledged as an organization that has in place an effective Project Management system that applies standard PM principles and practices in executing projects (programs) addressing implementation challenges.

Evidence shows the project’s functional activities and the project outcomes positively impact the strategic objectives of the organization, positively impact the society in which the organization operates, engage in sound and ethical processes, use improved or innovative practices in the process, and employ a sound sustainable relationship approach as a tool in the process. The project employs a sound sustainable relationship approach as a tool in the process.

Also, the Group was awarded as an organization that has effectively developed goods and services locally and operated in Ghana fully and exported globally.

Given these feats, the Chairman of the McDan Group, Dr. Daniel Mckorley, was crowned as the Best Integrated Supply Chain Management Personality of the Year 2023.

A citation in his honour reads: “After intrinsic research and analytical evaluation of your immense contribution to the growth and development of the McDan Group of Companies and Ghana at large, through the application of all CISCM’S Value Streams in your Operations, the Council of the Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management, (CISCM) in recognition of same has the pleasure to confer on you CISCM Man of The Year, 2023. We trust that you will accept this recognition and commit to collaborate with CISCM to propagate and mainstream the adoption and use of integrated Supply Chain Management principles and practices; to support the agenda of promoting effective, inclusive and sustainable socio-economic growth and development in Ghana.”

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Daniel Mckorley said, right from step one of his journey in Supply Chain operations, he knew he was going to become an “icon of excellence.”

He said the CISCM has indeed added additional value to McDan Group’s strides with the awards and recognition.

Dr. Daniel Mckorley noted that the maiden edition of the CISCM Awards means a lot to the Group and averred that integrated supply chain management is the key to its development.

“We shall continue to partner with CISCM to grow. As a CISCM Man of the Year, I will continue to push for the adoption of the integrated supply chain agenda.”


‘I made my first $1 million at 28, lost it all at 32 years’ – McDan

Dr. Daniel McKorley speaking at the Zongo Startup Summit in Accra

Chairman of McDan Group of companies, Dr Daniel McKorley, has recounted some of the struggles he encountered on his entrepreneurial journey.

According to the popular business mogul, his success route, which has been a very daunting one, saw him at one point achieve a momentous feat where he earned his first $1 million at the age of just 28.

He however shared that he lost it all when he turned 32 years due to certain habits, he had formed in his youthful days.

Dr. McKorley, who was speaking at the third Zongo Startup Summit on December 23 in Accra said although he is now worth billions, his entrepreneurial journey has not been a smooth one as he failed many times.

He therefore noted that he wants to impact this knowledge and experience in the Zongo community to help nature the huge potential of its youth.

“I made my first $1 million at the age of 28 years…you know one funny thing; I lost it all at the age of 32. Life is funny and there’s something called attitude. To make money you need to apply certain principles, understanding and having the right attitude to make money and this what I want to impact into the lives of the youth in the Zongo community.

“When I start counting my billions, I want to have youth who are also millionaires from the Zongo around me and that is what we call success because when you become successful in isolation, it becomes a problem,”McDan stated.

Dr Daniel McKorley also entreated young entrepreneurs and startups to develop valuable solutions to attract the needed funding support to propel their businesses.

He further advised them to take key principles and advantage of small beginnings to leapfrog their businesses, while having the right attitude to enhance their chances of securing the needed funding towards success.



Develop valuable solutions to attract the needed funding – McDan advises entrepreneurs

Dr. Daniel McKorley speaking at the Zongo Startup Summit in Accra

Chairman of McDan Group of companies, Dr Daniel McKorley, has entreated young entrepreneurs and startups to develop valuable solutions to attract the needed funding support to propel their business.

Speaking in an interview with GhanaWeb Business on the sidelines of the third Zongo Startup Summit held in Accra, McDan pointed that the management of financial resources cannot be done by all entrepreneurs – a situation which has culminated in the collapse of many startups.

He therefore advised entrepreneurs to take key principles and advantage of small beginnings to leapfrog their businesses, while having the right attitude to enhance their chances of securing the needed funding.

“Everybody wants money to start their businesses but it’s not everybody who can manage money properly but you have to start from somewhere. Some of us have taken the lead to support the youth but I just won’t give you money because you need money…I will give you money because I have seen something valuable in you and that business,” he told GhanaWeb Business .

“When it comes to me, your business takes less than your attitude, so I invest in people instead of investing in business. Some people can have the best business ideas but they will not have what it takes to managing that business,” McDan explained.

Touching on the development and growth of the Zongo community in Ghana, Dr McKorley was optimistic that change was evident in these communities while urging the youth to position themselves to take full advantage of opportunities abound to change the narrative.

“To tell you the truth, the Zongo community is witnessing some change through education. Right now, every Zongo youth wants to be educated and this sends a positive signal for the next generation of youth from the Zongo who are poised to change the narrative about them”.

He also called on Chiefs, leaders and stakeholders to continue to champion the needed reforms to enhance development in the Zongo community.

The 2023 edition of the Zongo Startup Summit was aimed at offering creative geniuses, entrepreneurs and startups the opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking ideas that promise to empower, connect, and transform the Zongo community.

The summit was organised by the ZongoVation Hub in partnership with the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP) with the support of the World Bank Africa and the Ministry of Finance.

Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, Minister of State at the Finance Ministry was a Special Guest at the summit while Dr. Daniel McKorley delivered the keynote address.


source: GhanaWeb


McDan Aviation Obtains AOC both Ghana and San Marino: Elevating standard in private aviation


Safety First:

McDan Aviation Services has consistently prioritized safety throughout its operations. The AOC further solidifies the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry. Rigorous safety protocols, continuous training, and adherence to regulatory guidelines are at the core of McDan Aviation’s operational philosophy.

Operational Excellence:

The attainment of the Air Operator Certificate is a testament to McDan Aviation’s operational excellence. From meticulous aircraft maintenance to efficient crew management, McDan ensures that every aspect of its operations aligns with international standards, providing clients with a seamless and secure travel experience.

Expanded Services:

With the Air Operator Certificate in hand, McDan Aviation is poised to expand its services and geographic reach. The company will continue to offer private jet charters, Fixed Base Operator (FBO) services, terminal management, and flight support services, now with the added assurance of regulatory compliance and safety certification.

Industry Leadership:

McDan Aviation Ghana Limited has consistently set the bar for luxury and tailored service in the commercial and business aviation sector. The acquisition of the Air Operator Certificate reinforces the company’s position as an industry leader, dedicated to shaping the future of private air travel.

About McDan Aviation Ghana Limited


McDan Aviation Ghana Limited is a premier aviation company established in October 2018, that specializes in providing a wide range of services tailored for discerning clients in the Commercial and Business aviation sectors. With a commitment to excellence, safety, and personalized service,

McDan Aviation sets the standard for luxury private jet travel, Fixed Base Operations (FBO) services, terminal management, and comprehensive flight support.

Terminal Management:

McDan takes pride in managing private terminals at key airports in Ghana. These terminals are designed to reflect sophistication and efficiency. Terminal management services include:

Facility Maintenance: Ensuring terminals are in pristine condition for clients.

Security Services: Implementing robust security measures for the safety of passengers and aircraft.

Concierge Services: Offering personalized concierge services to meet clients’ individual requirements.

Flight Support Services:

McDan Aviation Services provides comprehensive flight support to ensure seamless and safe journeys. This includes:

Flight Planning: Utilizing the latest technology for route optimization and fuel e‑ciency.

Permit Applications: Securing overflight and landing permits globally in the shortest possible time.

Weather Briefings: Regular updates on weather conditions for informed decision-making.

24/7 Operations Centre: A dedicated team available around the clock to handle any unforeseen circumstances.

Crew Services: Assisting with crew arrangements, accommodations, and logistical support. McDan Aviation Services stands as a symbol of luxury, reliability, and unparalleled service in the commercial and business aviation.

industry. Whether it’s private jet charters, FBO services, terminal management, or flight support, McDan Aviation ensures a seamless and unforgettable travel experience for its esteemed clientele.

McDan Aviation Group invites you to experience the height of luxury, comfort, and effi­ciency in private air travel. Elevate your journey with us.



McDan Aviation oers an exclusive fleet of state-of-the-art private jets, ranging from light to ultra-long-range, ensuring clients have access to the perfect aircraft for their unique travel needs. The fleet is meticulously maintained, and each aircraft is equipped with the latest in aviation technology and luxurious amenities.

McDan Aviation is hellbent on providing premium air travel solutions with a fleet that embodies luxury, versatility, and e‑ciency. With a focus on safety, comfort, and personalized service, McDan Aviation is dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience for its discerning clientele.


Bombardier Challenger 604 (9-seater): The Bombardier Challenger 604 is the epitome of sophistication and performance. With a spacious and well-appointed cabin, this 9-seater jet is designed for long-range travel, ensuring passengers experience the utmost comfort and style. Equipped with advanced avionics and cutting-edge technology, the Challenger 604 is ideal for executive travel and luxurious getaways.

Beechcraft Super King Air 200 (7-seater): The Beechcraft Super King Air 200 is a versatile twin-turboprop aircraft known for its reliability and flexibility. With a 7-seater configuration, this aircraft is well-suited for both short-haul flights and access to airports with shorter runways. The Super King Air 200 combines efficiency with comfort, offering a spacious cabin layout and state-of-the-art amenities for a superior travel experience.

Airbus EC135 Helicopter (6-seater):

The Airbus EC135 Helicopter represents the pinnacle of rotorcraft engineering.

With a 6-seater configuration, this helicopter is designed for agility and accessibility. Whether for scenic tours, medical evacuations, bullion services or executive transport, the EC135 provides a unique and thrilling flying experience.

The helicopter’s modern design and advanced technology make it a standout choice for clients seeking a combination of e‑ciency and versatility.

McDan Aviation Ghana Limited, a leading name in the Ghanaian commercial and business aviation sectors, proudly announces the successful acquisition of its Air Operator Certificate (AOC), marking a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to safety, excellence, and industry leadership.

The Air Operator Certificate, issued by Ghana Civil Aviation Authority validates McDan Aviation’s adherence to stringent regulatory standards, operational proficiency, and dedication to passenger safety. This achievement underscores McDan Aviation’s unwavering commitment to providing top-tier commercial and business aviation services.

This comes after McDan Aviation San Marino S.R.L, a business aviation company operating out of San Marino was issued an Air Operator Certificate in San Marino in December 2022. This further demonstrates McDan Aviation’s commitment to maintaining strict compliance with international regulatory standards.

“Receiving the Air Operator Certificate is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire McDan team. We are thrilled to bring our commitment to safety and excellence to new heights. This achievement is not just a certification; it’s a promise to our clients that they can expect the highest standards in private aviation from McDan.”


As a leading FBO, McDan Aviation provides premium ground handling services at airports worldwide. The FBO services include: VIP Terminals: Dedicated terminals designed for the utmost privacy and convenience.

Aircraft Handling: E‑cient and safe handling of aircraft, from arrival to departure.

Customs and Immigration Assistance: Streamlined processes to facilitate smooth international travel.

Luxury Lounges: Elegant lounges offering a comfortable and luxurious environment for clients.

For inquiries, bookings, or additional information, please contact:

McDan Aviation Ghana Limited

Customer Service

+233 302 790 598


source: The Business & Financial Times

McDan declares ‘I want to buy Nottingham Forest’

A Ghanaian businessman estimated to be worth up to $1bn has declared a desire to buy Nottingham Forest.

Daniel McKorley, the chief executive of McDan, says he’s a supporter of the Reds and stated he wants to buy the City Ground club.

“The only team I support in the world apart from Oly (Great Olympics) is Nottingham Forest,” McKorley said. “I have been a supporter of Nottingham Forest when Nottingham was even in the third division. Why? Because I want to buy that team. I want to buy Nottingham Forest.

“Imagine with all this development going on. McDan buys Nottingham Forest and every time you see about 60 percent of the players in the English league from Ghana.”

“It sounds strange, but just think about it,” he added. “Just imagine Nottingham Forest win the PL (Premier League) with 60 percent of the players from Ghana.”

Evangelos Marinakis has owned Forest since May 2017, after buying the club from Fawaz Al Hasawi. There is no suggestion he would consider ending his tenure as owner of the club.

Source: NottinghamshireLive